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  • Josiesays:
    May 8, 2020 at 12:02 am Reply

    Hi, I wrote in the other article and just now saw your response. Unfortunately because of Covid 19 I am not able to enter France as I had expected and will have to cancel my ferry ticket from Cherbourg to Dublin. I am so sad and and now I am back to deciding the best way to get my cat into Ireland with fewer options. I am traveling from the USA, maybe in June or July. Not sure now. Any ideas? I don’t want him to go in the cargo hold but I do not see another way. I thought of flying Air France to Paris and then a short flight into Dublin in the hold. Or KLM to Amsterdam in the cabin and a short flight in the hold to Ireland. But now I’m confused bc KLM have three options for pets: cabin, hold, and cargo. I thought hold and cargo was the same? Now I feel unsure if Ireland will let them come into the country in the hold or does it have to be cargo? So confusing.

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