I’m Croatian native. I was born and raised in Karlovac. Deeply passionate about Yoga. Black Gold - Coffee. And just a little obsessed with photography. And food. Because, it revives me. I studied for my degree in Rijeka after which I lived in Zagreb and Cork. After living in different countries and having traveled many destinations in the world, I’ve finally decided to create this blog.


Emerald Isle is island which triggers something in me, something that I don’t want any more to crouch just for myself. And something that I don’t want to had just in photography in an ordinary folder. But in words. In stories which trigger something in me every time I read them, years and years later. Because, you know, we are wanderers and we are leaving the old places to visit new (and to perhaps one-day return). Some story will maybe trigger something in you, to find your own journey, discover your own balance. So you can just pick a few and ignore the rest. I hope my stories get you talking and thinking and I hope it will inspire you, just as it inspires me. Thanks for visiting my page and don't hesitate to drop me a line, I want to hear it! or if you just have some travel tips for me!


My main camera I use for everyday use is an Samsung Galaxy S6 camera.

I also use an NIKON D3300 KIT AF18-140VR for professional photos and face to camera videos.


Camesawloved is about food and travel. I try to tell it like it is, I'm no expert on anything. This is just my way around the world, which I want share with you so maybe will trigger something in you. All the images you see in posts on the blog are my own. I hope to introduce you to new places, inspire you to go out and explore the World with the best to see, do, and eat. CameSawLoved is for people like me and you, that love to travel and want to discover more of it while on the road. CameSawLoved are tips for planning or just dreaming about. So, just, don't stop to wander every damn day. And eat delicious. It's important to maintain balance and mental clarity.

Questions? Comments? or you have any problems that arise during your browsing experience, please let me know.

Came Saw Loved

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